Hi, I'd like to briefly introduce my self, tell you a little about who I am, why I am so passionate about fishing and what I get up to.......

I had my first experience of fishing with my dad around 5 years old; being very young I found it slow and un fulfilling. Sitting behind a float rod with nothing happening and trying desperately not to let the boredom set in, little did I realise that in a few years fishing would literally take over my life and how rewarding it could be if your efforts were focused in the right way.

Now older and wiser, I can appreciate everything so much more; the peace, tranquillity, solitude, surroundings, the beauty in the fish I catch and the challenge to out wit them!

Most of my fishing has been dedicated to my true passion for carp but I started at the beginning with perch, tench, the odd small carp and occasional trout. I am a self confessed carp addict, obsessed with carp fishing and all the different areas that contribute to the sport / hobby.

Making my own bait is another very rewarding part of my fishing. Having converted my workshop into a boilie factory, I happily spend hours in there creating and producing bait for my next session. I recently designed and built my own electric powered boilie machine to assist in the production. I always have a cook-up before I go fishing in France and take plenty of home cooked particles with me, having perfected my recipe over the years it produces some great results.

I have also managed a members only (syndicate style) lake in Sussex on a voluntary basis for a number of years, which I dedicated a lot of my time to. It can be tricky to juggle my non-fishing related office job and all the fishing areas in my life at times, but whatever effort I put in is always returned tenfold. I guess what drives my passion is not only my achievement and satisfaction in my personal fishing but also helping others on their quest for the same.

My fishy plans for the future never stop evolving. I am a qualified Angling Coach which is very rewarding. It compliments different parts of my fishing obsession and also bridges my desire to help others with their fishing and promote good fish care, on and off the bank. My aim is to help anglers with their fishing skills and encourage more female carp anglers. I want to pass on the passion to others for fishing, even if it is in the form of a 'taster' session it give them an insight in to fishing and the enjoyment and pleasure it brings.

Any angler should always have the welfare of the fish foremost in their mind. We must appreciate the fish we yearn to catch deserve the up most respect from us, to look after them and to do our very best to put their welfare first. Never let your mind slip into the thought process of ‘a fish at any cost’. Please consider the safety of your rig, the spot you are fishing and plan how you are going to play a fish safely from that spot. Make sure you are prepared to care for the fish on the bank before you cast your rod, have your landing mat and net ready as you never know when that bite will become. Lastly, from someone who manages a lake, please be considerate and abide by the fisheries rules wherever you fish, they are there for good reason ensuring welfare, safety and happy environment for all. Often the most obvious and common sense reasons for rules are over looked.

I am always wishing to progress further in my fishing and if there is anyone out there who would be willing to give a truly dedicated (good) female carp angler the opportunity to be involved in anything carpy..... please contact me !!!!!

Best fishes      ><)))>

Elaine       ><)))>