The Carpgirls Welcome You To Our Website

We are two female carp anglers who have devoted our lives to our passion for fishing. We spend as much time as possible on the bank in all weathers, seeking the chance of our landing mat being graced by a beautiful carp. The challenge of pitting our skill and wit against the most wary of carp is something only like-minded carp anglers share. We spend the briefest of moments with our quarry but appreciate their individual beauty and the limited time we have with them before slipping them back to their watery home.

We are often asked by friends why we choose to spend hours bivvied up on the bank in the wind, rain and sun when we have very comfortable warm homes… our reply is simply why not! Why not fill your life with something you enjoy and appreciate.

Every moment spent on the bank is humbling and a pleasure, we get to see nature at its very best and to glimpse at some of its secret moments; the early morning mist rising off the water, the amazing colours of sunrises and sunsets, seeing Mother Nature in all her glory throughout the seasons. Close encounters with her creatures great and small including kingfishers, robins and dragonflies using your rods as temporary perches.

Night fishing brings it’s very own unique rewards, the sound of a still night being broken with a fish topping, the call of a owl, fox or badger and being woken by natures alarm clock; the bird’s dawn chorus. Waking to find Jack Frost has visited during the night leaving your rods and swim dusted with ice crystals.

And of course the exhilaration at the sound of your bite alarm jumping in to life......We enjoy every part of fishing!